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Family Violence Council

Senator Simonaire Appointed to the
Governor's Family Violence Council

Reported by the Maryland State Government Website

“As a former prosecutor and current Judge, I have seen first hand the detrimental effects of family violence,” said Judge O’Malley. “The work that is done within this Council will touch the lives of so many mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters—providing the courage, safety and resources to escape this destructive cycle.”

The role of the Council on Family Violence Prevention is to advise the Governor on matters related to family violence including identifying and analyzing State policies and programs relating to family violence; identifying resources available to reduce and prevent family violence through a coordinated statewide effort; and examining the relationship between family violence and other societal problems, including juvenile delinquency, alcohol and substance abuse, truancy, and future criminal activity. Working within the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, the Council will also propose legislative, regulatory, and policy changes to reduce and prevent the incidence of domestic violence and related family violence, to protect victims and to punish perpetrators.


Citizens for Bryan Simonaire
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